DawkSports Skills Clinics

Flags Of Glory Football is excited to pair up with Dawksports to present a skills clinic for our members. The president of DawkSports, Kevin Dawkins, or Coach K as he’s known by, has an amazing knowledge of the game of Flag Football. He has been coaching adults and youth alike for many years; coaching teams to championship titles; and hosting clinics, leagues and tournaments all over the city. He has now offered to share his knowledge with our league, and any one else who is interested in gaining some valuable knowledge and practice!

The clinic will run in July every Saturday (8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th) before our games, from 12:15pm-2:15pm at Felstead Park. The cost is $60 for all four weeks, which is a huge discount from the usual prices. Registration is open from now until the 8th of July, and can be done through LeagueApps at the following link:


In this 4 week skills clinic you will learn and practice footwork, proper hand and body positions for catching, running and cutting routes, techniques that will help you beat the defence, and so much more! QB’s don’t worry, Coach K has drills, reads and more planned for you as well. His on the spot coaching styles allows for you to learn what happened, why it happened and how to improve on your technique.

We welcome you to come out and sharpen the skills you already have, and surely learn a few more!

Check out DawkSports on twitter, instagram or facebook!!!