We have compiled a list of sports equipment and apparel websites and stores that offer a variety of gear for both new and returning players alike.

This is what the organization requires from all players on the field:

  • Cleat/Athletic shoe
  • Athletic shorts or pants (without pockets – this is key as a safety issue)
  • Flag football belt (this is provided by the league at each game)
  • Pinny (provided by the league at the start of the season)

Shoes and Cleats

You’re probably wondering:  What kind of shoe/cleat should I wear?

Hands down the best option is a cleat. Whether you choose a rubberized cleat or a screw-in cleat, both will provide the optimal grip on the field. Check out deals at SVP SportsSportChekMarchants Sports Unlimited.

Screw-in cleats take more maintenance as you will have to replace the screws once they wear themselves down which may occur once a season, if at all.


Best option in the city is Old Navy. Their active gear area has solid coloured shorts without pockets all year round.

Other Equipment

Tall socks are often worn by players to avoid grass burn. (Grass burn is equivalent to rug burn.)

While it is not considered a full contact sport, some flag football players wear mouthguards for additional protection.