We have compiled a list of sports equipment and apparel websites and stores within the Greater Toronto area and US that offer a variety of gear for both our new and veteran players alike.

Here are some gear options one might consider as a player in our leagues: This is what the organization requires from all players on the field:

  • Cleat/Athletic shoe
  • Preference of Black/gray or dark color shorts (WITHOUT pockets – this is the key point though as it is a safety issue)
  • Flag football belt (this is provided by the league at each game)
  • Jersey (provided by the league at the start of the season)

Shoes and Cleats

You’re probably wondering:  What kind of shoe/cleat or equipment is required for a turf field?

Hands down the best option is a cleat. Whether you choose a rubberized cleat or a screw-in cleat, both will provide the optimal grip to the turf. You’ll have to check out deals on EastbaySportChekMarchants Sports Unlimited.

Screw-in Cleats take more maintenance as you will have to replace the screws once they wear themselves down which may occur 1 time in the season, if at all.


Best option in the city is Old Navy. Their Active Gear area has solid colored shorts without pockets all year round for a great price (~$11 or less)

Other Equipment

Tall socks are often worn by players to avoid turf burn. Turf burn is equivalent to a rug burn. The taller socks help prevent this situation from happening.

While it is not considered a full-on contact sport, some flag football players wear Mouthguards for additional protection.